Super 3 and the Scary Invisible Monster

This story was created as the outbreak of Covid-19 was on the rise in South Africa. It's the introduction to our three characters, Layla, Themba and George, also known as the Super 3. In this book, they learn about the pandemic, how to deal with feelings of anger and worry due to the "new normal" and what they should do to protect themselves and others against the virus.


Super 3 and the Worry Worm

As the hard lockdown started to decrease, schools slowly began reopening. Many parents and children were experiencing immense anxiety at the thought of returning to regular programming. We wrote this story to give kids – and parents – some practical tools to manage their worries and fears.


Super 3 and the Gloomy Cloud

The pandemic has caused grief and loss for many. The loss of loved ones, a sense of security and the ways things were. In this story our heroes learn about sadness and depression and what they can do to uplift themselves in difficult times.


Super 3 and the Shadow of Shame

 The rapid spread of Covid-19 infections created a great deal of stigma. Adults and children were too embarrassed to admit that they had been infected for fear of being judged. This led to an assortment of other issues. We wrote this story to help raise awareness and combat the stigma attached to contracting Covid-19.


Breathing Exercise Video

We created a simple breathing exercise video that you and your kids can follow to help blow your Worry Worms away!